Kogama review

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Kogama review

Kogama review


What attracts us in a virtual reality? Why do we love computer games so much? Of course it’s the
opportunity to break out of our daily routine and build our own, fascinating world full of unbelievable
things and events. That what makes games like Minecraft and Roblox so popular. Kogama is
another project that will quench your thirst for virtual adventures. This is a feature-packed building
experience supported by a vast community that you can enjoy in the convenience of your web
browser. With its rich graphics and curious gaming mechanics, Kogama allows you to create your
own levels and offer them for other players to test out. Similarly, you can explore other members’
projects and play their own games as well!

How ti all started

At first, Kogama was a very simple building app that offered only a limited number of tools. But
gradually, its functionality was growing and expanding. Developers included a slew of new features
and opportunities. The set of instruments you could use to design your own virtual reality kept
upgrading. Users got the ability to use predefined structures and objects to easily build games of
their own. And now Kogama community includes tens of thousands users all over the world
uploading their games to numerous servers. The content available includes different genres
ranging from puzzles to racing, from FPS to fighting and so on. Here everyone will definitely find
something to their liking!

A world that yours to build
Are you planning to design some FPS levels and invite your friends to a death match duel? With
Kogama, it’s possible. Perhaps you are more into racing and want to build a head-spinning track
with a lot of dangerous road turns and obstacles that will be played by thousands of gamers every
day? There is nothing impossible when you do it with Kogama!
Surely, you don’t necessarily have to create your own games. If you prefer to playing them, you are
fine to do that. Just focus on completing missions and levels built by others. Nowadays, Kogama
includes over 7000 various user-design games and new keep appearing on a daily basis. Of
course, some of them are unfinished yet and other games may seem not so interesting to you. Use
search filters to find just what you are looking for. Every moment, you’ll find hundreds of games
playing different titles, so you won’t be short of company even if your friends aren’t available at the

The bottom line
To draw a conclusion, Kogama is an amazing social building game that allows you to become a
designer of your own virtual world where everything functions according to the laws you set. It has
pretty low system requirements without demanding plenty of bandwidth. That means you don’t need
a particularly fast internet connection to play it and can enjoy this experience even from your laptop.
Regardless of the genres you prefer to play or build, Kogama will definitely bring you a lot of pleasure.
You won’t be able to get away from the screen for hours! This game can be played on your own or
with friends. Besides, there are many people to meet here. Perhaps you’ll even find new virtual
buddies with similar interests and preferences! Kogama is regularly updated with new features and
abilities, so every time there will be something new for you to try. Registering on Kogama is free and
you can play a wide range of game on our site without downloading or installing anything. Good luck
in your future projects!

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